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A new generation of travel guides is born

Standing in front of the racks in a bookshop, searching for the most suitable travel guide, page turning all present copies - everyone knows about the difficulty making a choice in this situation. Often travel guides contain too much or just less information than needed for the planned journey. If the travel route contains more than one country or destination, there is almost always the need to buy more than one travel guide. In the age of internet and smart phones, in which people can access all kind of information from nearly every conceivable place in the world, there should be another option. And here it is: A brand-new generation of travel guides which contain just the information that is needed. Online travel guides provide the possibility to plan individual journey routes, which contain all the countries and cities you want to visit. You can also decide which points of interest you would like to appear in your personal guide. Some people may like to visit just a couple of attractions, some would like to know where the best shopping spots or the most recommended restaurants are. Others are interested in cheap accommodations or where the nightlife takes place. With this kind of travel guide it is also possible to choose only those maps and background information, such as weather conditions, country size, practical information and religion, which really matter. Users can design the front page individually with a personal picture and title, which makes the travel guide a very special present for a friend.

Users of online travel guides can choose between three options of how to use their guide: printing it out for free, getting it in form of a booklet or using it with an iPhone app. The new generation of travel guides seems to shape up well. Creating individual travel guides is not just of interest for private use. Also tourism-oriented companies have already discovered the advantages of using them for their business.