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Skiing holiday in St.Anton/Arlberg

Each year a lot of tourists from Austria but also from abroad decide to spend their skiing holiday in St.Anton/Arlberg. The world famous skiing area is mostly popular for its wide slopes, new gondola lifts and perfect snow conditions. Most of the visitors in St. Anton do not possess own skies. So most of the time their first stop is a ski hire service in St. Anton. Usually it is not very difficult to find a ski rental service in St. Anton. More or less in each street of the small village it is possible to hire skies in St. Anton. Furthermore it is not only possible to hire skies, and shoes in St. Anton but also snowboards, cross country skies or helmets for alpine skiing. Another nice service is the possibility in many ski rental services in and near St. Anton to reserve certain skiing equipment online. After your arrival in St. Anton you then only have to pick it up and take the next gondola up the mountain. All in all it might not be one of the most important aspects of a skiing holiday in St. Anton, but it‘s a fact that some tourists decide pro St. Anton because of the top service provided by most ski hire services there.