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Mountain Biking Namibia – Magnificent Landscapes

Namibia is the second least-populated country on the planet, and provides some amazing landscape and terrain for a mountain biking tour. Mountain biking Namibia is a truly unique experience, one which offers spectacular highlights such as cycling through the desolate Naukluft Mountains, which form the easternmost part of the Namib-Naukluft National Park. The mountains have many beautiful features, including small streams and waterfalls, and not forgetting the wildlife, which includes mountain zebras and leopards.
To experience some of these natural wonders by mountain biking Namibia is somewhat different than with the usual 4x4. Safari in the Etosha National Park is another particular highlight – of which the Etosha pan dominates. This salt pan desert is is up to 130km long and 50km wide in places and is home to species such as pelicans, flamingos and the highly endangered black rhino. The uniqueness of the landscape is often breathtaking, and the history behind it just as fascinating. The thousands of years old artistry from the Twyfelfontein bushmen really offers a sense of history and perspective to the the beautiful surroundings. Mountain biking Namibia does of course allow some time for relaxation. Varying accommodation along the route have been carefully selected to not only provide comfort, but also to provide a real taste of Namibia. A perfect example of this is the Twyfelfontein Lodge, which is situated in the ancient Huab valley in the Kuene region of Namibia. The region boasts an impressive rock engravings and paintings, some of which date back over 6000 years. African Bikers provide expert tour guides, and the routes are carefully selected, also taking safety into account. A truly unique and inspiring holiday experience.