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Las Palmas Port

La Luz Port, also called Las Palmas Port, is  a sheltered harbour strategically located halfway between Europe and the other two continents (Africa and America) within the island of Gran Canaria, which is an integral part of the Canary Archipelago pertaining to Spain since 1478.

This harbour is officially considered the third in importance of Spanish ports, naturally protected by the promontory of La Isleta (Las Palmas), which is connected with the rest of the island by the long narrow isthmus of Guanarteme, it can accommodate the largest ships, and provides secure anchorage in all weathers.

Its geographical location at the crossroads of major sea trading routes such as the North Atlantic, linking the US and Canada to Europe and Africa, has enabled La Luz  to become one of the world's busiest sea ports in terms of international trade and maritime traffic.

(Puerto de La Luz) Helen Crow Commercial Department Las Palmas (Gran Canaria)