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Investing in Montenegro

Since its independence in 2006 Montenegro has adopted liberal investment regime. Although the investment area is still being improved there is a positive climate towards foreign invetsments.

Foreigners are encouraged to form companies and start business in Montenegro. There is no distinction between foreign and domestic company. Foreign inestors come from more than 100 countries. No single country dominates the investment. Most important investments to Montenegro come from Italy, Norway, Austria, Russia, Hungary and Great Britain.

Variety of properties available ranging from new development to old-world charm properties attract new investors. Montenegro is a mixture of modern and traditional. Historic palaces and old stone villas with million dollar views are available through

The position and beauty of Montenegro attracted lot of empires in the past. Venetians, Ottomans and Austro-Hungarians fought for it. Today this well-established tourist destination looks like a safe haven for different investors who are more and more choosing it as a place to stay.