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Discovering Myanmar

Myanmar is the new attractive destination of Asia. Located in South Asia, border with China, India, Laos, Thailand where concentrate many interesting tourist. It was known as secret country with sacred traditional cultures, marvelous architecture, beautiful nature…Myanmar has 46 million populations with various ethnic groups. 65% population is Burmese, and remaining population is minority’s ethnic group. Each ethnic group has private traditional culture, leading to diversity culture. This is advantage factor to attract tourists and develop tourism

Many religions exist together in Myanmar. But Theravada Buddhism is the single largest religion. In addition, other religions which exist in smaller numbers include Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. According to analysis, most of population follow Buddhism, make up 65% population. Therefore, it was said that Myanmar is the country of pagodas and temples. Many pagodas were built in entire territory. Some of pagodas have a thousand age which includes spiritual belief of local persons. They express respectfulness though activities such worshipping, contribution… Also, Myanmar is very famous with gold pagodas and silver pagodas. It is surprising when seeing a gold architecture which attract tourist to discovery. Shwedagon Pagoda is the most famous pagoda which is considered as a masterpiece of the world. It was known as Gold pagoda, so this pagoda is covered by 80 tans gold and top‘s pagoda was attached 1.600 jewel. Besides, tourist can see over 200 pagodas in Bagan which is one of two famous centers in Myanmar.

Moreover, environment of Myanmar is very fresh, where suitable for relaxing, travelling… The most travelling season is autumn when tourist can feel pleasant, fresh air, not too hot as summer and cold, dry as winter. In addition, local people is very friendly, you can contact with them to understand about country, culture, customer. Myanmar is interesting destination where will give wonderful experience for tourist. Booking Myanmar tours and discover the wonderful country of golden pagodas right now!